Expedited Home Buyers, LLC

Our Commitment

frustrated man at laptop during meetingOur commitment is to YOU

You’re going through tough transitions, who already have plenty to think about. We know your pain. We’ve been there, too. And our entire process is designed to help relieve some of the stress and anxiety that comes from making big decisions.

We’ve got decades of professional project/program experience behind us, and we now leverage that on a personal level. We know how the home selling and buying process works. We know about financing, cleanout, inspections, valuations, and more… and we know that not everybody else needs (or wants) to know about it.

We’re here to help you, to make your life just a little bit simpler, when you’re moving Mom to a home, or Dad needs single-story living, and you need to figure out what to do with the house.

hands joinedWe’re here to provide guidance and a clear path forward, when it comes to selling a home or commercial property that nobody in the family can use – or manage.

When you and your growing family have moved elsewhere, but your aging loved ones have stayed where they are, we reach out to you — where you are, when it works for you — to move the process along.

And we look forward to working with you!