Expedited Home Buyers, LLC

Partnering with Providers

old woman sitting on bedExpedited Home Buyers, LLC partners with professional service providers to ensure their clients receive the home-selling support they need in times of life transitions.

We partner with providers whose clients need support with real estate transactions during times of frustration, confusion, anxiety, and stress. Our partners include:

  • skilled nursing facilities,
  • visiting nursing associations,
  • funeral homes,
  • hospices,
  • family and estate attorneys, and
  • other social service professionals

We step into the gap that’s often left open, when family members are “scattered to the four winds”, but a family property needs to be sold. We take the pressure off by providing real estate transaction expertise, support, and (best of all) options to sell a residence that no one needs or a commercial property no one can manage.

Providers, you provide support for tough decisions to your clients every day. You talk about levels of care, ageing in place, insurance, and financial options. With Expedited Home Buyers, LLC, you can also offer access to a seasoned team of home buying professionals who know what it’s like to go through tough times with loved ones — and unwanted property. And our process is professionally managed, so nobody’s sitting around waiting for a realtor to call, fretting over when things will be done, or wondering what the next step is.

There’s no charge for providers to engage with us. Our business model centers on the homeowners whose property we purchase. Our services are simply another tool you can add to your patients’ / clients’ toolbox.

However there is a vetting process that all our provider partners must go through, before we proceed. We need to understand your business, your levels of care, your financial model, and (for facilities) availability / waiting list. We strive to earn the trust of all our clients, and we need to ensure that we only recommend other trusted providers.

Please fill out the form here, to start the process. We’ll set up a time to get to know each other better.

We look forward to partnering with you, to bring innovative, supportive, compassionate solutions to individuals and families in life transitions.