Expedited Home Buyers, LLC

Step 3. We’ll Run the Numbers

calculator with numbersHere’s where we get down to “brass tacks”.

Now that we’ve gotten to know you and we’ve looked at the house (and consulted with our partners), we’ll crunch the numbers and see where that puts us.

We typically look at:

  • Prices of comparable properties that have sold recently in your area.
  • Expected cost of repairs.
  • The math for paying off any obligations (back taxes, mortgage, liens).
  • Your timeframe for completing the deal.
  • Our timeframe for getting the house repaired (that indicates our “cost to carry” the property).
  • Other considerations that may affect an offer, such as what sort of payment you would like.
    • We typically buy cash, but we can also arrange for other types of payments, like lease options, or taking over mortgage payments for you or your family member(s).
    • We can structure the deal to limit tax liability for elderly individuals on Social Security, or who have constraints on income.
  • We like to provide you with several options, so you can make the best choice possible with the best, most current information we all have.

We’ll double-check our math and consult with our partners to make sure our numbers are realistic and customary. We sometimes need to double-check with our clients to confirm details – our primary goal is fairness and accuracy, so we can make it work for everyone involved.

When we’re done, we’ll compile everything into an easy-to-read report that tells us what we’re all dealing with. That way, we make sure everybody’s on the same page.

We’ll give you our best offer, based on the information we’ve received.


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