Expedited Home Buyers, LLC

Step 4. We’ll Make You an Offer – And You Decide How to Move Forward

professional women meeting at computerAfter we’ve run the numbers, we’ll make you a fair and competitive offer for the property.

We’ll forward you the offer along with an explanation of how we got that number. That includes:

  • Comparable values of nearby homes which have sold within the past year
  • The value of your property, in as-is condition
  • Projected costs of repairs
  • Additional costs (settling obligations, turning utilities back on, clean-out, etc.)
  • Projected income from sale of house contents

We’ll also provide you with a timeline for getting everything settled, so you can plan accordingly.

If the offer works, we’ll write up a contract and set a closing date.

If you have any concerns or have a different number in mind, let’s discuss!

Our team often has extended discussions with homeowners, so don’t hesitate to raise your concerns with us. We focus on saving everyone time and getting the job done right, so the sooner we get those discussions out in the open, the better.

If we talk things through, but the offer still won’t work for you, or you decided go a different way, we’ll still work with you. We don’t buy every house we look at, and we don’t make offers that will negatively impact our business, so there’s always a chance we won’t work together in the end.

No problem, if that happens! We’re here to serve you. And we can help you in other ways, such as recommending realtors in the area, or referring you to cleanout companies and estate sale companies. Our primary goal is to help you resolve your real estate adventure in a way that works best for you.

In the end…

You’re in charge. You make the call.

And we’ll work with you to make sure you get the resolution you need.


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