Expedited Home Buyers, LLC

Step 5. We’ll Finish the Job

two women talking at tableWe like to wrap up quickly – so you can get back to your life!

If you decline our offer and we can’t meet in the middle, we’ll go our separate ways as friends.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but we may still be able to help. We can support you with referrals to other real estate professionals who can help.

If you accept our offer, we’ll close this out in a professionally managed process.

  • We’ll work with you to arrange a time and location for the closing that suits your schedule.
  • We’ll explain the closing process in detail — and what to expect as a result.
  • We’ll walk you through what everybody needs to do (or bring), in advance.
  • We’ll make sure all the required paperwork is handled in a timely manner, wherever you happen to be, whenever it needs to happen.
  • We’ll cover any potential contingencies, to minimize disruption — and surprises.
  • If you’re traveling and you need accommodations, we can recommend transportation, local lodging, dining and entertainment.

We’re project management professionals, and we’ll ensure that you’re fully informed about what to expect, what’s expected of you, how best to prepare, and what you can expect as a result.

Time and resource-challenged? We see it all the time.

Some common blockers are:

  • If you’re traveling a lot for work,
  • you have family commitments that keep you from attending in person,
  • you can’t afford the trip across the country,
  • your schedule is impossibly full, or
  • you’re just unable to attend for some other reason (you don’t need to give us all the details)

We’ll work with your schedule to get all the paperwork to you in a way that doesn’t wreck your life. It’s the 21st Century. We have options. And we use every single one.

After closing, we’ll finalize all the details and paperwork

We’ll send you a summary of everything we’ve done. We’ll also let you know about any outstanding items, such as clean-out activities or estate sales. When all our activities complete, we’ll let you know. In the end, you’ll have a clear accounting of what we’ve accomplished together for your own records.

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